Shabby Miss Jenn

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ok, so It has been a week

Man oh man! I said that I was going to try to be more consistent but I just can't seem to get myself to that place yet. Life has been busy, as usual. I really wish I had more time to be on my computer but then if that were the case I would probably never see the light of day. My family keeps me very busy. Since I had my kid I feel like nothing EVER gets done around my house. I'm sure that I am not the only wife, mother, scrapper that feels like this. Don't get me wrong I LOVE being with my family and especially my little one, she is a BLAST!! But sometimes when you are motivated to be creative and all you want to do is be artistic and accomplish something and there is no time, that can really bite the BIG one!!!

With all that said, I did manage to get a freebie done but I have to load it first, so check back in a bit.

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!!